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A Moment with Laney Darling

Recently, I posted on IG about surrendering my insecurities and doubt: “It’s never my intention to hurt a soul. I’ve accepted the fact that unhealed & internally struggling people can find offense or project envy in pretty much anything you do. A person who has healed or on the journey to healing understands that the actions of others has absolutely nothing to do with them. Each new morning, you have the power to decide which one you will be. I don’t care how many people do what I do. What’s for me is for me— & no one can come in between the blessings & people that God & the universe has planned for me. Self doubt & internal hate is our worst enemy. Do you” Let unpack-- since mental wellness is super important!! & we’re here to share some perspective.

Being Selfish Isn't Selfish

There’s a huge misconception about people and how they are choosing to spend their time. During this stay at home order, I was able to put myself first. Self care, self reflection, self projects, self shopping. Kept to mySELF. How am I being selfish if I don’t check up on you? Do you check up on me? Or people who feel hurt and offended when someone doesn’t message back? People cope differently.

Self -promotion vs. Bragging

I learned so much while working on and releasing our podcast. I’ve always been so horrible at self promotion-- since I have an outgoing personality, I feel like it can come off as a brag. But then a friend told me Why are we so worried about the 2% of people who might hate or talk shit about us when there are far more people who care and support? A good friend sent me a text the day we soft launched our podcast and said: “This Michael Jordan documentary is a perfect example of no matter what you accomplish, no matter how good a life you live, or person you are, people are going to find a way to try to tear you down. Don't do it for anyone else but yourself and those you love. #thelastdance” I started tearing it up-- you can’t please everyone. People will love you for the same reasons some people will hate!

World is Big Enough for All of Us There are so many people who do things that are the same. Example: grocery store. They sell the same shit. But there’s a bunch of them. Fast food restaurants— same burgers and fries— but all different and have their own style. Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston (god rest her soul) SAME RECIPE. DIFFERENT SAUCE. People do what you do, you do what others do but you have something that makes you unique.

Ending Statement

The world is big enough for all of us to coexist and be happy for each others’ successes. But it blows my mind people can’t be supportive. I’ve had people hit me up to follow them, post this and that— radio silence when it came to supporting my own show. Or my businesses. I believe in healthy competition but not putting someone else down. I like to learn & observe to see how they’re doing things! Maybe ask a question or two? I never understood people who didn’t share resources or advice. Why not be genuine and kind to one another?


Laney Darling

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