Banchans [bon chons]

Korean small plates that translate to "side dishes” that are served before the main course; but are not appetizers. Banchan is a collection of tapas before & the duration of the meal to complement it. C&K listeners are our Banchans!!

Happy Hour [ha-pē au̇(-ə)r]

Segment where we discuss any happy moments that have occurred to us in the previous week.

Kimchi Challenge [kim-chē cha-lənj]

C&K guests will partake in the Kimchi Challenge. A shot of straight kimchi or soju & kimchi shot.

Last Call [last kȯl]

Segment where we ask guest(s) “What advice would you tell your high school self with what you know now?”

NotFlex & Chill [nät fleks an(d) chil]

Segment where C&K discuss our show binge of the week. We’re “not flexing” & “chilling” because some of the shows aren’t mainstream or trending— we’re not THAT cool.

Shooketh Not Stirred [shu̇keth nät stərd]

Segment where C&K discuss ridiculous & crazy topics.